Mosquito is a timely in depth look at this very tiny, very dangerous creature. The film chronicles the increasing global threat this tiny animal poses while emphatically raising the points that without a thcoordinated effort, the world and its citizens are at risk for a historic pandemic that could put billions at risk of a fatal infection. ​​​​​​​
Creatively, I used a restricted colour pallet (white/black/red) across the international coordinated promotion campaign to emphasise the starkness of the situation while also creating a refined counter to Discovery’s usual aesthetic- ensuring assets stood out on-air, in print and on social. The mosquito motif was used in ever increasing numbers- adding to the idea that these creatures and the epidemic are spreading rapidly. 
The extensive global campaign, combined off-air, social and on-air graphics, including programme, promo and full channel take-over. In the lead up to the global premiere date, our social and on-air networks were even ‘infested’ by swarms of rogue mosquitoes; subtly appearing over programming. 
Art Direction & Design by Samuel Dunn

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