1. Jodie Marsh On - TLC
The former glamour model continues her unique documentary series with ‘Jodie Marsh On… Drugs’ and ‘Jodie Marsh On… Women Who Pay For Sex’. For the promo full frame graphics and bumpers, I used stylised neon signs to subtly reference the ‘red-light-district’ themes common to both documentaries. 
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn

2. Monster Week - Animal Planet
Complete channel takeover to celebrate the always amusing Monster Week on Animal Planet. A 1950’s B-movie direction was chosen to accentuate the hilarious program titles including “Man Eating Zombie Cats” and “Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys”. Full graphics package includes Ident, Bumpers, Menu, Bugs, DVE, IPM and program specific promos.  
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn

3. Shark Week - Discovery Channel & Animal Planet
Complete multi-channel takeover to celebrate Shark Week on Discovery and Animal Planet. Full graphics package includes Idents, Bumpers, Menus, Bugs, DVE, IPM and Web Pointers across both channels. 
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn.

4. Make Your World Bigger - Discovery Channel
More then just a new tagline, Make Your World Bigger is Discovery’s purpose and promise to viewers. It’s the guiding principle used to create content and the idea that lies at the heart of all their communications. It’s Discovery’s brand platform. This extensive and on going brand campaign includes talent led brand spots, pledge and competition promos and tip bumpers.
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn.

5. Sean Conway - Discovery Channel

6. I Am Evel Knievel - Quest

7. Back To School - Discovery Channel
Imagine if Professor Hawking was your physics teacher, Freddie Flintoff taught you P.E. and Steve Jobs was head of IT at your high school. Back To School Weekend brings together a series of educational programs from industry leaders, inspirational figures and sporting heroes. 
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn

8. Ebola Exposed - Discovery Channel
Ebola Exposed goes beyond the hype and sensationalism surrounding the latest outbreak and uniquely investigates the past, present and future of this killer disease. To promote the most up-to-date and in-depth documentary on the ebola crises, I contracted the leading scientific animation studio, Hybrid, to produce a fly-through of the virus at a level of detail and realism never perviously seen. 
Motion Graphics by Samuel Dunn
3D Animation by Hybrid Medical Animation

9. Surviving Exodus - Discovery Channel
Surviving Exodus hosted by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, delves into the natural world and explains the most mysterious stories of all time, that have been told for the last thousand years, of natural disasters sent by god: plagues of flies, frogs and locusts, furious storms and parting seas. With restricted access to show footage, I developed a graphical digital glitch style to echo the ‘end of days’ subject of the documentary series.
Design by Samuel Dunn

10. Quest On Demand - Quest
Introducing Quest On Demand, the easiest way to watch all your favourite shows. 
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn

11. Chat Magazine Sponsorship Ident - Investigation Discovery
Series of short idents to advertise Chat Magazine’s sponsorship of Investigation Discovery.
Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn

12. Life Death Prizes Sponsorship Ident - TLC 
Series of short idents to advertise the sponsorship of TLC’s highest rating timeslot, featuring Long Island Medium. Using the title characters distinctive characteristics, something well known to regular viewers of the program, the implication is made that Theresa Caputo herself is an enthusiast of the sponsors website. 
Direction & Design by Samuel Dunn

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