1. Beastly Nights - Animal Planet
Beastly Nights is a week of programming on Animal Planet so terrifying you might not be able to sleep. Unlike the amusing and entertaining Monster Week, Beastly Nights features documentaries of animals which actually exist. As such, the tone of the week is considerably more series. The aim of these idents and bumpers was to create a sense that the Animal Planet logo itself was being stalked by a mysterious, unseen beast. 
Below: Ident, Bumper, Promo Title Cards.
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn.
Title Cards

2. Make Your World Bigger - Discovery Channel
More then just a new tagline, Make Your World Bigger is Discovery’s purpose and promise to viewers. It’s the guiding principle used to create content and the idea that lies at the heart of all their communications. It’s Discovery’s brand platform. This extensive and on going brand campaign includes talent led brand spots, pledge and competition promos and tip bumpers.
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn.

3. TLC Logo Refresh
This simple logo redesign coincided with the 2015 TLC channel rebrand and marked a shift in focus for the channel. Bringing the tiles closer together allowed for the three letters to be read as the brandname itself- no longer alluding to the original acronym.
Logo Redesign by Samuel Dunn. OSP Design by Discovery Creative London.

4. Discovery Brand Spot
What could you do to make your world bigger? Join us at Discovery and together we will climb the peaks of Everest, walk the African plains, hunt for gold and journey into the future.
Motion Design by Samuel Dunn. Directed by Ceri Payne.

5. Undressed - TLC
Is it possible to fall in love with a complete stranger? In 30 minutes? Whilst undressed? Undressed is a brand new dating show that accelerates intimacy and explores the accepted rules of attraction.  This Launch Teaser captures the essence of this bold experimental show which sees two perfect strangers undress each other and climb into bed on their first date.
Motion Design by Samuel Dunn Art Direction by Vijay Logan.

6. Running Wild with Bear Grylls - Discovery Channel
Art Direction and Design by Samuel Dunn.

3. Katie Price's Pony Club - TLC
Design by Samuel Dunn Art Direction by Vijay Logan.

Other Projects

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